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Left For Red - Human Complex 'Album Review'


left for red are a groove metal band from Dudley in the Midlands that encompass a varying amount of styles but we can call them metal! The albums lyrical themes surprised me as I was expecting more of a upbeat or at least an aggressive edge but what I actually discovered was that this album has a deep sorrow and sadness to it but also frustrations with society and the tribulations of being alive generally which i think we all can relate to at some point in our lives making this album a very personal one.

Some of the songs on here are catchy as hell and i can see it live with a sing along!

Some fantastic riffs too and melodies all strewn through with fantastic musicianship,

The music production on this album is undeniably clear, it's so clean you could eat you dinner off i!

the only negative I say about this album least the only thing that I noticed there was a few moments of screaming/growl that I felt it didn't quite work it sounded a bit off in the mix comparatively to the clarity and depth of the main vocal but I mean it could have just been my personal preference.

overall a stunning album with natural hooks and organic composition, i feel this is going to be their staple album moving forward and i will definitely be catching them live when i can..

8.5/10 RIFFS



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