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Worship - Sacrificial Forest 'EP Review'

So here at rifftastic will review anything and i mean anything.... so this installment is brought to you by Lo-fi black metal act Worship! lets fucking kvlt it.

Right the production was a little better than i expected tbh the live recording sound really give it that noise element to it and the distorted wailing just really incorporates the entire mood and ethos of the songs and band, actually it really is reminding me of early mayhem due to this.

Due to that fact i'm appreciating it more abit like a art project than a musical record to make people happy or make them have enjoyment Worship want to bring you satan and existential screaming in audio form.

After 2 songs you feel the dread of wanting to turn it off loom due to the unpleasant audio assault but persevere! there's some really some savage and unnerving moments and songs in the EP Ritual is easily my favorite track that guitar intro was so unnerving and it just slams into chaos whipping up all misery!

There's a few riffs and melodies that sound so weird and creepy, The wailing is consistent all the way through and getting more unhinged as it goes on as well as the music the latter half of the EP is more enjoyable to me and deffo hit the sweet spot for the Old School black metal vibes.

Overview: As subtle as sliding down a concrete hill naked, dark, uncompromising and noisey this ep is not for the faint of heart or faith.

6.5/10 RIFFS

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