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EYEBALL - Spectromania 'EP Review'


First time listening to Experimental Psychedelic Neo-Space Rock band EYEBALL! With a subgenre like that how can I hate this!? Let us go on a journey throught time and space!

First impressions? this is really interesting... I love everything about these guys from their individualistic style and take on the genres etc there were so many moments during I kept being reminded of Hawkwind, Boards Of Canada and Siouxsie And The Banshees... a strange but interesting combination which was refreshing and welcoming!

The first track i liked the most had some great instrumentation and the song writing takes you on a journey and the narrative of the song is sown well with the music and also melancholy l which took me by surprise,

Second song picks up tempo uncomfortably and takes you on a mad trip sounding like a audible panic attack, got really 80`s goth vibes on this one and with almost dalek vocals really took your head for a spin...

I like the contrast between these two tracks but I wonder/intrigued how it would work in a full album maybe they will grace me with that at some point!

Overview: Trippy, cathartic and surprisingly emotive, i can say with honesty they are a unique band and you should definitely listen to them.

8/10 RIFFS

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