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Darkstone - Kings of the Condemned 'EP Review'

Darkstone are old school rock and metal hybrid from the UK that sounds like it was ripped straight from the 80s with modern twist! lets see what they can do!

From the get go this EP has a definitive old school raw sound and it only benefits it these guys don't need to hide behind big production and FX, The first song 'Swallowed Whole' is subtle but impactful and cleverly crafted has a fantastic chorus line that made me go "oh yes i like that, i'm on board already" this track is fantastic with great writing and composition...strong start.

Second track is 'Serac' i had to look up what the fuck a serac's a column of ice formed when two glaciers intersecting and has a lot of danger to hikers due to it i'm assuming this song is about mountain climbing.... not the most inspired reason to write a song but it's definitely a first! i wasn't fond of this song but still a interesting listen but 7 minutes? thats a demanding listen considering the track has a fair few repeat sections and little progression after the song kicks off.

Third up is 'Warriors Code' this song made me cringe a bit the lyrics were so hamfisted and questionably placed bit of a drop of form considering how well the EP started lyrically and musically, but it's not bad just my personal preference etc its a solid track if you don't care about lyrics and performed well and has some great guitar sections and lead!

Forth up 'Kings Of Condemned ' the title and heaviest track on the album with nice thrashy chunky riffage and full blown power metal lyrics which i much preferred than 'warrior's code', It has good storytelling i can get on board with and get involved on the track and it makes sense with the dramatics of the song.

Fifth and finally we have 'Alive' this one is well designed and full of good moments and has some good storytelling once again ending strong for the EP this and 'Swallowed whole ' are definitely my favorite tracks on the record and has a great musical section near the end before coming together for a epic finish feeling conclusive!

Overview: the production and stye speaks old school rock and glam metal but the growing pains are bare with questionable writing and artistic choices, these guys are a great band have great potential but are definitely at their larval stages, i know they have it in them to punch out a great record! we shall see.

6/10 RIFFS

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